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Category: Narrative / Short
Date added: April 15, 2013

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An assassin. A senator. Three heroes.
Intrigue, action, and edge-of-your-seat drama. Welcome … to Puerto Rico.
The world’s oil supply is dwindling. A massive reserve of crude has been found beneath the island of Puerto Rico and every country is vying for the opportunity to drill. Puerto Rico, now in desperate condition from a decade-long global-recession, needs to take full advantage of this new discovery. An American Senator goes to Puerto Rico to seal a deal in getting the territory into U.S. statehood but is shot by an assassin, as is the Puerto Rican Governor. The Senator’s security, Agent Ron Black, is tormented by his failure to protect his assignment. He is encouraged to join Jack Carol, a famous Private Investigator, and John Homer, the Senator’s son, to solve this murder. The three men quickly realize that they are in over their heads and wind up fighting for their very lives.
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That’s what we do here folks on Midnight Gumshoe.
Keep those calls coming in.
Now we go to the lovely island of Puerto Rico.
With Oscar.
Go ahead Oscar; you’re live in Midnight Gumshoe with Jack Carol.
I I need your help Mr. Jack.
The revolutionaries, they killed my brother.
My brother’s name is…….
Take him off the air.
Ya Oscar It’s me.
The American was target too.
You need to help me Mr. Jack.
No no. Listen, I can’t help you on this one Oscar.
You are the only one I can trust.
No Oscar. Trust me.
Please help!
Oscar the FBI is working this case.
The FBI has been on this case since the beginning.
I know who’s responsible.
Call the FBI I’ll
You know who they are.
From one of your old cases Mr. Jack.
From one of your old cases.
Can you get him back.
Ya, we’re not secured here folks.
Whens the last time you slept.
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Camera used for production: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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